What to do in Puglia is a small Dutch company (tradename of SoCarlijn), founded by Carlijn. Her partner Remo has been running a Bed & Breakfast in the center of Brindisi (Puglia) from 2009 and later Carlijn, who moved to Brindisi from The Netherlands, has been helping him every now and then. She is also running her own marketing and communications company names SoCarlijn.

Interacting with tourists is a very nice ‘job’. It is like traveling without moving: everyone has different stories to tell about their travels, lives and culture.

Over the years we have had many questions from visitors and tourists about the region and ‘things to do in Puglia’. Already in 2015, we started talking about creating a platform with all information a visitor of Puglia needs: activities, tours, information, events, etc. Because for non-Italians, all of this might be hard to find. Lots of organizations do not have a website where you can directly book or all information is only available in Italian.

Remo used his Italian contacts and Carlijn her marketing and web development skills to together create this platform for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using our contact page or social media.