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Discover the land of olive oil by bike!

Puglia, the land of olive oil

Puglia, with more than 50 million olive trees, is the number one area for olive and oil production. This guided bike tour will take you through the Parco Dune Costiere, a beautiful protected national park, with thousands of olive trees.

Bike and learn about olive oil

We will almost immediately bike through olive groves and over the with the famous Via Traiana, an ancient Roman road. It is an extension of Via Appia, that in the past connected Rome to Brindisi. Today Via Traiana connects Fasano with Ostuni with a paved cycling path. There is hardly any traffic and there are many places of interest that describe what rural life used to be like in this region.

Bike tour 'the land of olive oil'
During the tour we explain the history of the olive oil and talk you through the process of cultivation. The production methods depend on what the oil is used for: from the oil used for oil lamps to the high quality extra virgin. You will learn about the history and the passion developed over the centuries, always in tight connection with the local community. On the trail you will visit a hypogeum oil mill with old millstone and presses, a fortified masseria farmhouse, a modern mill and a centenary olive tree. It is possible to arrange an extra virgin olive oil tastings.

START TIME 10.00 / 15:00 / 17:00
PRICE €35,- per person
DURATION 3 hours
GROUP SIZE 2 – 20 people
WEAR Comfortable clothing
Guide Bike
NOT INCLUDED Olive oil to bring home


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Bike tour ‘the land of olive oil’

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