6 hours
On request

A fun, food- and drink-filled and definitely hands on workshop!

La cucina povera

In Salento, the southern part of Puglia, life was tough and families had to be fed on whatever could be foraged or scavenged from the earth or ocean. For centuries, wild greens were tested out for edibility, beans and pulses provided protein when no animals could be trapped, and flour and water were turned into a range of breads and pastas, often artfully shaped to add variety. Those resourceful cooks keeping families fed and starvation at bay would never have dreamed that their cleverly frugal ways with food would develop into the famous ‘cucina povera’ (the poor kitchen), these days served in fine dining restaurants not only in Italy but around the world.

Cucinare con la mamma

A real Puglia-style cooking workshop can only be taught by someone who was born and raised with this type of cucina. Someone who was told all the recipes by her mother and nonna and even cooked in her own osteria. You will find her in a little village close to Brindisi. Every sunday she and her husband and three grown children have an Italian lunch at her house and now you can enjoy her kitchen and skills as well!

What will you cook

The meals that you make will depend on the season and availability of products. The family lives in a house surrounded by a big land full of olive-, fig-, and lemon trees, so for sure you will use some of that as well. Examples of dishes that are made are parmigiana, home-made pasta, meatballs, bread, etc. Of course you can always propose a dish you’d like to learn how to make. After preparing the food, you will have lunch together with the Italian family (most of them speak – a little – English). Of course an Italian meal is not complete without wine, which is included during this day.

LOCATION Mesagne (Brindisi) – transfers available
START TIME Around 10.00
END TIME Around 16.00
GROUP SIZE 2 – 6 people
WEAR Comfortable clothing
Wine Full Italian lunch
A real Italian mamma that will teach you
NOT INCLUDED Bring a notebook to write down the recipes if you would like!

This workshop can also be given on any location in Puglia, for example if you have rented a house.
Please let us know if you have any food allergies or restrictions or if you have any special requests.

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 2 reviews
July 11, 2019

Being in the kitchen with ‘mama’ was a fantastic experience. We learned a lot and had so much fun. The Italian kitchen is delicious and to learn this from ‘mama’ was un unforgettable experience. Everything was allowed and possible. After the hard work we sat down down at a large table with the whole Italian family. The neighbor came by and – as is usual in Italy – ate with us as well. We felt part of the family and had a wonderful meal all together. Thanks! AWESOME!!

July 15, 2019

The cooking workshop was an unforgettable experience and one of the best days of our holiday in Puglia. We had a lot of fun with the Italian family and meanwhile learned a lot about Italian cuisine. Highly recommended! Grazie mille 🙂

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