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This Walking Tour is ideal for exploring the historic center of Brindisi. With a tour guide you will discover and explore the beautiful artistic and historical heritage of the region. The tour guides are experienced and very passionate about their land, Salento.

You will explore the main historical monuments of Brindisi and learn about our traditions. You will see the Roman Columns (with a spectacular view of the port), the Palace Granafei Nervegna, the original capital of the Roman Columns, the Temple of San Giovanni al Sepolcro, the Archaeological Area of San Pietro degli Schiavoni and more!

You can choose to do a 1 hour or 2 hour walking tour. Of course the tour guides are fluent in English.

About Brindisi

Brindisi has een known as the «Gateway to the East» and is a city of Messapian origins and an ancient Greek colony. The town acquired great importance and prestige under the Roman rule, becoming the main port for the routes to the eastern lands, and also, a place of culture and commerce. From the 2nd century AD Brindisi was directly connected to Rome through Via Appia, which after passing Taranto, reached the port of Brindisi.

Until around 2010, Brindisi was not the most exciting city to visit. However, since then, a lot has changed. A car-free boulevard has been build and lots of bars and restaurants have been openen in the last few years. The shopping street if full of cute little shops and even big brand found their place in Brindisi. Especially in the summer, the city is full of live, with lots of things to do and see.

Staying in Brindisi

We actually own a Bed and Breakfast in the center of Brindisi! For more information, check out our website B&B del Teatro.

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