2 to 3 hours

It is likely that you haven’t tried many if any wines from Puglia. This is you chance!

The last few years, Puglia has shifted away from producing a great volume of unremarkable wine, towards smaller quantities of concentrated wines of great character. The most widely grown and almost exclusively cultivated grape variety is the Negroamaro (literally ‘black bitter’). Negroamaro is valued for its deep color, medium-full tannins and dark berryfruit flavors and has been associated with Puglia for over 1500 years. If you’re more into a richer, fuller-bodied wine, try the primitivo. This variety owes its name to its early ripening; Primitivo comes from the Latin “primativus” and old Italian “primaticcio” (both meaning “first to ripen” or “early ripening”). It is not unusual to find Primitivo wines with 16/17 percent and even 18 percent alcohol, so take it slow. Or not of course

Tour options

For this tour you will have different options:

€ 25,-
Cellar tour and tasting of 3 wines paired with local food Salende • Vermentino
Marmorelle Rosso • Negroamaro
Punta Aquila • Primitivo

€ 30,-
Cellar tour and tasting of 4 wines paired with local food Salende • Vermentino
Marmorelle Rosso • Negroamaro
Oltremé • Susumaniello
Punta Aquila • Primitivo
€ 40,-
Cellar tour and tasting of 4 wines paired with local food Giancòla • Malvasia Bianca
Oltremé • Susumaniello
Jaddico • Negroamaro E Susumaniello
Visellio • Primitivo
Susumaniello experience
€ 50,-
Experience cellar tour and tasting of 4 labels dedicated to susumaniello paired with local food Sumarè • Spumante Metodo Classico
Torre Testa Rosè • Susumaniello
Oltremé • Susumaniello
Torre Testa • Susumaniello

The tour begins with a walk through one of the most famous wine cellars in Brindisi (at 11:00 or at 15:00) where you will hear the story about this family owned company. You will be able to see where and how the wine is made, aged and bottled. During the tour (usually with 2 up to 8 people) you have the possibility to ask as many questions as you’d like and you might even be able to see the crushing of the grapes.

After the tour in the cellar you will go you back to the centre of Brindisi where you will have a wine tasting of different wines of the estate you just visited. All wines are paired with food. You can stay and enjoy the sea view as long as you’d like!

Please note: the wine cellar is a little outside of the center of Brindisi. It is about 10 minutes by car and about 30 minutes walking. If you’d like, you can take a taxi from the station or we can also organize a transfer for you. Please e-mail us!
The wine tasting will place at the wine bar on the boulevard of Brindisi (free public parking close by).


Do you have any questions about this tour? Please feel free to contact us.

Tour Reviews

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July 19, 2019

You do not want to miss this. The tour gives you insight how the wine is made and on what kind of soil the grapes are growing. The tenuta is almost a museum and the tour manager knows how to get your attention. My choice: go for wine and food, that makes the wine even better.

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